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Sealed beam to halogen replacement.


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I upgraded to crystal halogens for about £50 for my Vitesse and they work fine. Mind had a flat lens which for the purist might not be acceptable. Also use the opportunity to add relays to save the dashboard switch  



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Best by far are the Cibie ones, now no ta so cheap.

i purchased a set of the Bad Boy Classics ones for another of the cars, for the price not bad value at all.

buy the set that's is best value for money, as prices varies for different cars, but same items 

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I have  got crystals on the 2000  

And a   word about the fit,  most bulb units you  may find that one of the three location pads will not align with the slots in the bowl

And one will need a small  cut and snip  to elongate the original or the new lamp wont seat properly

Easy to do but explains   why the   rim wont fit flush


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Got around to fitting the crystal headlamps I bought a few weeks ago and last night was the first time I've used them in anger. Big improvement in beam patten and illumination generally (with the same H4 bulbs). I bought them from Powerful UK via their eBay shop - at £30 good value, and properly marked.


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I'm a bit confused, everything on Fleabay that says it's sealed beam shows the units and separate bulbs. I  bought mine 40 years ago and they are completely sealed, the bulb doesn't come out. Very waterproof! Probably not available any more. A big improvement over the original.


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An extension on Pete Lewis  comment on bulb alignment another issue is the actual lamp mounting into the lamp bowl esp dipped lamps.

here in Vic Aus we run cars on what’s called a Club Permit which isn’t a registration but the owner has a permit to use the classic for 45 or 90 days per annum and whilst no annual roadworthy is required the club and owner are charged with checking the car is roadworthy. Our CP officer (senior police officer!) used to undertake random inspection when the club re-authorised the annual permit, he pinned a stag owner for his dip lights which were rotated out of position.

lt appears some cheap Chinese lights have the lugs incorrectly positioned so when on dip they were actually high enough to dazzle oncoming drivers

a new set of lights were purchased rather than cutting the mounting ring

beware cheap Chinese aftermarket items

peter T

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