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It's cold!


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Got up this morning, into the bathroom and I smell petrol. Petrol? PETROL!!! Down stairs and the whole house stinks. Backed the GT6 out onto the drive and it ran out of fuel, there's a surprise! It's the rubber joint in the rear wheel arch, AGAIN. I only replaced it two years ago with R9, or was it? :angry:  So, some Gates Barricade then. All the house windows and doors open, it's warmer out the front on the drive.


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Doug, glad this didn't happen whilst you were on a run.

Have to say I was planning on changing out all the rubber fuel hose on my GT6 as a precaution. However there are no leaks and no fuel smells at all so makes me wonder whether to leave well alone and carefully monitor when the car is back in the road.

Seems there is a real issue with some of the "new" parts these days with particular reference to rubber!👍

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Gates arrive today, it's very stiff and knobbly,  looks heavy duty, we'll see. Too windy to work on the drive today and there's important rugby to watch, so installation tomorrow. The bathroom only smells slightly now or I may just be getting used to it. Uncle Pete advises vinegar to get the smell out the garage floor, but that leads to an uncontrollable desire for chips apparently.


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