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My new Triumph 2000 estate

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Hello all. Here is my new Triumph 2000 estate. 1973 Mk 2 Estate. It says 2000 Tc on it but as it's a 1973 it technically isnt. 

If any of you watch car sos this is the Triumph you sometimes saw in the background being restored. 

The previous owner did the work with Fuzz and co for the first four series.

Hope you like it. Its been fully restored so the car in my view is lovely. My only plans are to do some engine mods. Either work on the 2000 or put a tuned 2500 in it up to tr6 spec. 

Anyway I love it and hopefully will get to go to some shows etc. 

All the best















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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

+1 for the big saloons 

mines a 2000  with a TC badge  fitted,  its only got HS54 s and whilst  nimble not fast off the lights but 60/70/80 she  comes alive 


I've driven lots of classics, fast fords, vws etc a Volvo Amazon estate that was apparently known for being a great drivers car but they dont come close. It's a standard 2 litre but it drives beautifully. 

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Very nice, I do like a 2000/2500. I've seen it on the show and point it out to my wife every time! I'm on my third, you may have seen my 2500s estate I'm spraying now. I can't wait to be able to get out and about in it again. My mk1 used to surprise people at the lights! Love those straight six engines.

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