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 Yes, I am aware of the grey Home buttons. Home of what? No mention of Forum on this page.

Browse of what? Can the Browse Tab be changed to "Forum" Tab?

To me, it makes more sense when you arrive here.

What do you think?




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I can see Iain's point. It's only a cosmetic change but, unless you're paying attention to the URL bar, the page header gives no clue that what you're browsing (and note that it doesn't even highlight the fact that you are browsing!) is the forum, not the club's web site. It's not easy designing a good UX (and somebody will always complain no matter how good you get it!) The header is quite different from the main web site, all it needs is the word "forum" somewhere to make it properly clear.

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The only clue is the word Forum in the address bar. Not mentioned anywhere else.

So no chance of changing the text Browse to Forum? Or put the word "Forum" somewhere on the page? 


PS. The address says Homepage. So click home to leave homepage to go home?

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