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Roll bar for Vitesse Mk2 convertible


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There used to be, I had one in my vitesse CV. 

If not available new, I am pretty sure one will turn up via ebay etc. Be aware of a couple of things. They reduce the rear seat space a little, but also as they are just a hoop they are not as strong as a bar with a diagonal (which would finish your chances of rear seat passengers at all!)

The alternative is to approach a fabricator and get one made. I would imagine quite simple as just 2 hoops welded together and some feet.

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13 hours ago, Rogues said:

I'm new to the club having just bought my first Vitesse Mk2 convertible, does anyone know if there's a suitable roll bar, I've been looking on the web but can not find any current suppliers?

Hello Rogues

                        I have one but it is a full one so rear would be unuseable.

I will find photos if you are interested


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If you are near Cambridge, it might be worth speaking with the guys at Fabricage in Harston.

They custom make cages and roll bars for all sorts of cars and should have a stock design for a Vitesse Convertible as they make the roll cages and roll bars for more than one of the Triumph traders that we all know and love. 

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The one you quite often see is made by a company called Aley Bars (I have one in my Vitesse).  I have no idea if they still make them but I doubt it.  There were two types of roll-over bars (not a cage) offered for the Herald/Vitesse, one being painted steel and one vinyl covered and padded.  I am sure one will come up for sale if you keep looking.  Good luck.

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The one Roger shows is actually a proper motor sport approved one that came from a car that was hill climbed until a couple of years ago. To meet the MSA requirements and pass scrutineering the diagonals must be fitted. However for road use they can be removed and the bars will be at least as effective as those offered without diagonals at all.

Note that padding (and the proper stuff, not pipe insulation) should be considered essential to minimise head injury from head butting the bar in any accident.


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