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Brake Fluid Tester from the Bay

Paul H

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Just received a Brake fluid tester £3.80 deld . Needs an AAA battery 

The calibration <1% <2% ok

<3% <4% change fluid 

Tested my Vitesse ( Dot 4 last changed 3 years ago )

Brake test ok ie less than 1%
Clutch test ok but 2% so marginal . 

To get reading completely immerse the pins 

Should I change Clutch fluid ? 


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its a general recommendation to change every 2 years ,  a lot depends on use ,car storage etc   you may just need a turkey baster and suck 

out the reservoir  ...thats a bit mischievous  with little usage that's where the moisture gets absorbed via the cap vent through normal breathing atmospherics

...................the best advice is yes flush some new through ,  those testers do give a good indication , so go with the result ..at least you are aware


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I aquired a vacuum Bleed kit. So far it has worked very well with 5 metre of brake pipe to the rear`s it makes for a simple one man job. I change the brake fluid every couple of years, ever since I lost braking on an incline, due to the fluid vapour locking. VERY "brown trousers". Spent all weekend changing the fluid on a campsite. (behind a pub).


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