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Helical Spring Washers?

Unkel Kunkel

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Probably lots of people know this, but late as usual,  it came as a surprise to me

About this familiar thing: 



- Helical spring washer.

How many times have we chased after these darned things.

There is strong evidence , first shown by a chap calked Junkers in 1968 and more recently by NASA and again on a U tube “ Bolt Science “ that they are not much use- indeed .. useless.


Since bolts can even be shown to   loosen  easier and quicker if they are used,  they are not only useless, but it could be argued that they actually are worse  than useless.

Well, that  goes against the grain a bit, doesn’t it ?

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Spring washers do a job - and while they might not do it amazingly they do it very cheaply.  But even in our cars you'll notice they aren't generally used for anything REALLY important.

Want to try and stop the nut/bolt holding the parcel shelf in place rattling undone?  Spring washer, as it 'failing' would just be annoying.
Want to stop the nut/bolt keeping the suspenssion attached to the chassis rattling undone? Nylock, as it 'failing' could be rather terminal.

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On 14/12/2022 at 11:04, Ian Faulds said:

The japanese call nyloc nuts techno nuts, we had a right time explaining what a nyloc was back in the 90s, then the penny dropped ahhh! Techno nut .


I had a similar problem. i was working in marketing and we wanted to have the same pamphlets printed around the world (translated/localized of course). We had meetings and discussed things but the Japanese were way behind.

Turns out when we said "printer" meaning "company that prints" they understood "device that prints" .

We started saying "printing company" and things were clear....


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when we bought our first house here, ok building constructed in year 10 ( hence its name L'An Dix) of the French revolution calendar, that had never been connected to electricity, plumbing consisted of 1 cold tap sticking out of the wall etc. We met up with our chosen builder to go through the work to be done and had so many problems with the terms and techniques he went off to his merchant and came back with a mass of leaflets for us to study . . .

'O' level French didn't cover the building trade back then 🙄

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