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Overiders & Spoiler


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The overiders and spoiler on my Spit are in reasonable condition but past their best and wondering if anyone has used anything to smarten them up a bit?

Is painting them a good idea and if so, with what? Anything else worth trying?

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Overiders respond quite well to painting with either 2-pack paint from a gun or just rattle cans. Paint won't stick to the plastic directly so it needs keying up first (400 or 600 WetnDry) then an application of spray adhesion promoter. Then a waft of primer, then matt or satin black according to taste. Ordinary body filler can also be used after keying to take up any obtrusive nicks or chips. Won't last forever but cost effective compared with forking out on a new pair.

In my experience spoliers don't take well to painting because of the grained surface and can end up looking ....errr.... painted. But may perk up with a wax type black, but reapply periodically. Oh, and can be worth a try just with black shoe polish if to hand.

Trim Wax Cleaner Restorer for Bumpers 375ml Mouldings Spoilers Black Brand New
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15 hours ago, cliff.b said:

Ahh,I presumed you were talking about dog shows. I can see it might be a problem but wasn't sure it was relevant to this issue 🤔

The way things are going with dogs at present it's a wonder they're not a requirement at Classic Shows. A lot of local cafes are suddenly now dog-friendly and they do nothing but yap the entire time. A bit like the owners I suppose.

Stena Ferries are now permitting dogs on the decks; last October in the lounge I watched a small dog urinate against the end of a seat not too far from me, and wondered who thought they were a good idea.

However re overriders: it's difficult to find a product that doesn't go grey after time, but Meguairs Paint Renovator worked very well on plastic steering column cowls, and believe me they were grey when I started.

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3 hours ago, Peter Truman said:

Interesting here dogs aren’t/weren’t allowed in any shops but I’ve noticed recently Bunning’s are allowing dogs into their warehouse style shops and they usually have a cafe area

The rots setting in

Same here in NZ Bunnings

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