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GT6 rocker cover


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Any advice from you lot... I wanted to replace the original rocker cover (GT6 Mark 3 1973)  with a nice alloy one, but have been told that it is too risky even with a thin gasket due to hardly any clearance between cover and bonnet.


Bit of a shame really but anyone any ideas?  Would a re-chromed original cover look ok instead??




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Yeh, I fancied one but as you say too tight! The problem is the alloy cover is a universal 6 cylinder block design and the GT6 mk3 is a very tight squeeze. I was also concerned about the lack of fire trap in the alloy cover, there was another thread on here a couple of months ago about this.


There are other designs of alloy cover with lowered ends, Andy Cooke has one, however these are rare and go for hundreds on Flea Bay. Some people grind down the offending end of the alloy cover but that doesn't look too good!



My original cover is "sagging" in the middle so I'm gonna try and straighten it out, strip the remaining paint and crud and re-paint. But, yes a chrome one would look nice, I have seen them occasionally on Flea Bay and, less than an alloy one.

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to add some idea''s


I have the cover that club shop attemped to cut the ribbs off to gain a few mm,  did not work, so i bought it cheap from Bernies bazaar

and its on the 2000


you cant use a thin everlasting gasket with the orig tin cover 


have often thought about adding some tubes to the fixing stud so you nip the cork but dont crush the cover


club shop sell aerosol of original  gold colour if you want posh .


they are easy enough to beat out the distortion.



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Someone on eBay has been trying to sell a Triumphtune version for really funny money; I can't remember the exact price but it's around £300. I sold mine for about £30 if I recall correctly; it cost me £20 in the first place. What about a nice chromed version from an early GT6? Last one I sold at a local auto jumble went for a fiver. 

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For mine I bought the club shop one and fitted the thin gasket and thought I would be OK.......stupid me


Two problems, first the fins at the front hit the bonnet and secondly the front tube nut was so long it also hit so I ended up with two dents. It's really really disappointing that we don't more warning from the club shop as its cost me hundreds to recover


To overcome I've filed the fins off the front and checked with plasticine that it's now clear. Secondly I had a set of short tube nuts made and chromed by a local workshop that look like the originals but are 1/4 inch shorter


Cheaper than an original at 750!


Also had to have the dents pushed out and bonnet repainted


Would I fit another one ....no. Paint the original or stove enamel And I'm sure it would look fine



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folk got to remember, there moer than one type of rocker ally box


some are tall and thin,  wid fins on em,  thee,s generally catch on a GT, but dont if fins are ground oft frunts

some are wider an less hieght,  thee,s have no probs at all

some are wider, higher height and ev no probs at all

some are wider , less height, and shamfered ends, 

thee,s catch on the inside ends,  1 and 12 rockers wid  1.65 rockers, or a high lift cam,ok on standard rockers / cam

especially ift cork gasket gets squashed doon too much


So, no all doom an gloom, if ye no what the prob is



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 have to say  the Club Parts Catalogue does state     ' please check with club shop for fitments to a GT6 MK111 '   its on      on  page  7


    if that helps  


and as alloy covers take on engine temperature they cure cold running mayonaise in the cool parts of the engine

 Tin covers get cooled by the fan air , you could add a deflector or lag the cover to improve the brylcream syndrome



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