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GT6 Mk3 Heater panel light

Dave C

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My GT6 heater controls are not illuminated. I can see that there is a plastic lens which is positioned around the outside of the heater control panel but there is no evidence of a bulb or associated wiring behind the panel.


Should the panel have a bulb and if so can anyone post a photo of it's placement and wiring etc?





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It's the same on my Spit. The lens is the clear bar which has the writing on - Hot, Cold, Screen, etc. and, while there seems to be a place behind the dash in the middle where a lamp holder could clip on, there's no lamp assembly on my car!


Cheers, Richard

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Thanks all. Yes, I meant as Richard described. 'Lens' was probably being a bit generous.

As Pete says I've now found a diagram on line for a late model Spitfire which shows a bulb clipped behind. I might experiment with a torch behind the panel in the dark. If it's any good I may fit a bulb.....

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 I ditched the heater valve about 20 years ago.

I ditched the mechanism in the car about ten years ago.

I always drive the Spit with the driver window open and my arm out as I am a FB. Ahh, the splash of water and Sh1te in my face and mouth.


I have a normally closed DC operated water solenoid with 13mm hose tails, but never felt the need to fit it.


Out of habit I still periodically place my fingers over the demister vent to check I have heat and therefore coolant. 


To adjust the fan speed, i have a 2 volt to 24 volt controller that blows and squeals just fine with out lights. LOL




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Green is supposed to be restful and soothing. My daughter's Ford has red instrument lighting which explains her aggressive driving style. I had a car with blue lighting, always felt cold despite the heater being permanently set to swelter.  My old Peugeot had orangey yellow lighting, a sort of can't make your mind up colour. which was why I had so many accidents in it!

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I added some gauges to my car and was disappointed to find they were plain white, no green lenses. So I modified them, internally, with Quality Street wrappers and got an exact match. I intended to replace them at some point with something more substantial but 30 years later they're still there.

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Yip, not bad at all, moer or less followed the link I bunged up.


next ye want 2  green lights in yer rear number plate holder, !!!!

butt, then maybe not, as ye no got a Green car.

butt, could put in lights to match car colour ye got,


they look good, so ive be told, by many lotsa folk



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My last - and believe me I've gone though a few!! - CD player / head unit has lasted more than the usual four or five years as you can fine-tune the illumination to match the dashboard lights. I bought a different one for the Herald and only found when I got it home that the illumination was a really garish red and blue that couldn't be altered, so it's never been out of the box. It's nice to be able to set a soft green or white glow to match the rest of the illumination. 

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