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So it begins.

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So I have been on the look out for a spitfire to restore, I had been offered a few but after advice they looked to have quite a lot of work cut out to get them good so decided to pass till I found this one.

shes been sat in a garage since 2002 and never seen daylight since yesterday when I collected her, my wife was preying I wouldn't come home with an absolute shed but I think she was pleasantly surprised.

The drivers sill needs replacing along with drivers lower front wing and possibly lower rear wing repair section but the floors and boot look good, seats are in good nick along with i believe original door cards, the hood is shot but was to be expected. 

Now my adventure is about to start but I have a question which is a bit premature but, the colour is supposed to be the crazy green you see under the bonnet i think no 85 but if I change how does this affect value or is it not even worth thinking about and go with what I really want, regards and prepare for the barrage of questions about to be unleashed, regards wayne.



my spit2.jpg

my spit 3.jpg

my spit 4.jpg

my spit 5.jpg

my spit 6.jpg

my spit.jpg

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Bopping along nicely I think by tomorrow night I will have the body tub braced and removed for blasting, I then can start removing the rotten panels for replacement, drivers floor is shot along with inner sills and outer one, the passenger rear wing needs a lower repair panel but everything else looks really good, so happy with my progress, regards wayne.


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Thanks Doug I will do although I have my heart set on white which is really something as I never liked white on a car but that no 19 looks amazing on a spitfire, I have a query did the seat bases come anodised like a gold or silver or where they something else regards wayne,

ps can't wait to get my panels and get welding, you would think I would be sick of it but there is something about it I love, now I am off the welding in the work and more onto the testing it's good to be back on it, bringing home the Oerlikon from work I should get going shortly, I would like to get it into paint and covered to get cracking on the chassis and suspension.

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11 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:

I'm finding that green more and more appealing, please do have a look for Java green spitfires on the web, when polished and shiny the are really nice!


I considered a Mk III GT6 in Java Green before buying mine - beautiful colour, but the body had been restored off the chassis and the gaps really were all over the place.

From time to time I hanker after a Stag - in Java Green...


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you wont sit on the wheel and do the tappets on a Stag

like the 2000  everything is big and inaccessible  just  re placed a stag alternator  ,  which needs the anti roll bar dropping and the P stg pump lifting out, then the belt is a fight to get it over the fan and then find its a  taut heave ho onto the crank pulley   and you have to jack the front up to allow antiroll to fall.    simpulze     not  .......just cut the roof off the Gt6    a good anti stag is just change the battery  

but  they do sound sweet.


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Thanks guys, finally got the dash heater box, loom, foot pedals, master cylinders and steering column  out today so in all about ten hours worth to the point of the body being able to be lifted although the doors are still on as i need to knock the pins for the door check straps it says drill them out but i think it will be easier to chisel the bottom off, I have another question I presume the carbs need to come off so the body can move forward clear of the bolts at the back of the seats ? there doesn't look enough room to move without the carbs off, Regards wayne.

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On 8/18/2018 at 2:03 PM, Pete Lewis said:

 just  re placed a stag alternator  ,  which needs the anti roll bar dropping and the P stg pump lifting out,

Fairly sure I didn't drop the anti-roll bar when I had to replace my Stag's alternator in the lorry park at Blyth services on the 2000 RBRR. It was a pig of a job, though.

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