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Dashboard lighting - Vitesse Mk2

Paul H

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I "upgraded" my existing instrument lighting from 2.2W screw bulbs to LED's - They were cheap 50 pence each and quality was crap . The bases easily came adrift from the bulb section . They worked but no better than the 2.2W bulbs . After trawling the net I came across Classic Car LED's  and after discussing with Duncan he recommended Warm White being the most suitable and brightest GLB987 E10MES Warm000K 5 SMD LED Bulbs Dashboard / Gauge Lighting  @ £2.25 each post free 


Ive fitted them and confirm they are at least  50% brighter than the standard bulbs - The pic below shows what to expect - The speedo is partially covered by the steering wheel . Plus low consumption and protecting the old wiring . Dont be fooled into finding the same shaped bulbs on Ebay much cheaper - been there got the T shirt 


Hope this helps 

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Great work! I wanted the green light my GT6 gauges used to have. Club shop sell green LEDs, but £7 a piece! Found these on Flea Bay £3.25 for two. Bought eight. Strangely only available as bayonet fitting, but I got a 10 pack bayonet sockets from a nice man in China, 30p each, free post. I've installed them all, no failures, so must be robust and my gauges are much brighter and REALLY GREEN!!!



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Green was too... 1970s or 1980s..... to me, pure white is more 60s. 

I may change back. I replaced the roof courtesy light with an LED, it's too bright but in any case when the rear wheel fell off, it popped out of the roof with the impact so will be easily replaced too. Not in green, though. Makes you look kind of... gangrenous.



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Doug - Glad you got sorted with the bulbs. My green Chinese (bulbs that is) have been in for about a year and are still working great. Saw exactly the same thing on a specialist car lamp stand in Manchester last month for silly money. Supposed to last 25,000 hours. How many years is that in real driving hours??

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When I was an apprentice in the 60/70s the company's sales manager was Mike E.G. Simmons. He signed everything MEGS, which we all thought pretty cool in an electrical engineering company. I thought "Ah well, I'm never gonna have cool initials, after all what can you do with Leslie Ernest Douglas?"

"Paradise by the dashboard light" describes "events" in the 50/60s I think so, no. No LEDs back then.

L.E. Doug

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On 18/10/2018 at 15:32, dougbgt6 said:

I thought "Ah well, I'm never gonna have cool initials

So, mister dB, you don't think your initials are cool in an electrical engineering company?

I knew a draughtsman with the initials "CL" who signed his drawings with the centreline symbol - ℄

I'll get my anorak ...

Cheers, Richard

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