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Removing pulley from dynamo


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Hi.  Intend fitting my apparently recon dynamo (if I can the pulley off the old one).  It was bought off a private seller on ebay some years ago.

Can I assume it is negative earth do you think.

If not, what harm may it do if I fit it.

Also is there a simple test to determine it's polarity please, if I should do this before I fit it.

Cheers, Dave 

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yes Dave the dynamo is earthed through the engine block and its earth lead. When you touch the +ve to the small terminal of the field coils a current will flow through them to earth so producing a magnetic field. This leaves a enough residual magnetism so that when the armature is spun it can produce a small amount of current which is fed back to the field winding via the contacts in the voltage regulator box. The magnetic field increases so the armature makes more current and so on until the output voltage supplied to the reg. is greater than the system voltage and it can be connected to recharge the battery.

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