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Hello everyone my introduction too you all.....

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Hi everyone my names Mark. 

I have recently purchased a 1966 vitesse saloon straight 6.

I became a member of this club end of February 2020.

Ive always wanted my own classic car and was able too purchase “lightning” as my youngest son calls him in early September 2019 as the owner who is/was a member of this club was moving away and had no storage for the car. 

Lightning is a fair condition classic that remains original inside and out. Apparently lightning started life as a WHITE vitesse and was moved over too Ireland late seventies early eighties where it was resprayed completely top and bottom a WEDGEWOOD BLUE. 

He was placed onto Irish plates and remained there until late 2018 /early 2019.

He was brought back too the uk by his new owner.and after trying too re register him on his ORIGINAL number plates DVLA said they was not able too do so and registered him on new plates but allowed him too keep the original year “ C “ at the end . (Hope that makes sense!!)

I have replaced the dash with a new veneered one but I have kept and stored the original. All clocks and gauges, switches etc are original too the car. Seats front and back, carpets are original. 

I’m looking forward too joining other collectors on events local too my area and looking at your classics and talking too all of you about your cars. 

Many thanks 

Mark & Lightning



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19 hours ago, poppyman said:

Yes welcome to the forum Mark, just hope you think the same after a few weeks of thread drift :)  You will soon get used to it, any questions always get the right answer though. Lightning looks nice with her wheels, lovely.


Thanks Tony I do hope any questions I have are fruitful in responses ... I’m  glad you like the look of Lightning’s shoes ... 

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