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Hello from Derby.

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Hello, I bought my first Triumph in 1995 a very ropey MK3 Spit, I had just graduated and it was all I could afford!!! Can't imagine what it might be worth now? Then in 1997 I bought a tatty but solid 1500, I did many miles in that car and only sold her when my 1st child came along, I wish I had kept her though, many memories of driving all over the UK and Europe with the camping gear in the boot on the bootlid carrier and stuffed behind the seats!! The only car that brought a lump to my throat as she disappeared up the road with the new owner at the wheel!

After a little while without a Triumph I then treated myself to a very cheap 1200 Herald convertible in 2011, I knew the chassis was a bit ropey, I drove it for a season then started attacking the list of jobs I'd drawn up. The chassis turned out to be worse than I first feared....always the case I know! I removed the rear tub, the scale of the work boggled me a bit and I bottled it and didn't do much on it for many years. It was in danger of becoming a unfinished project sale but I got stuck back in about 3 months ago. 

I was a member of the TSSC for a good few years, I intend to join again soon.

I'm hopimg to get a little help to some of the questions I have to help me get the old girl back on back on the road asap!



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Here's a pic of the old girl just before 'the long rest'. My daughter in the sun glasses would have done her GCSE's this summer ( cancelled due to covid 19)which shows you how long it has been layed up!


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Hi Tom Andrew here also from Derby. I have a Herald convertible as well. If you want to personal message we can swop numbers. If you ever need any help with anything give me a message or ring.  Look forward to hearing from you.



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Hello Fellas,

good to see some local chaps are around, I may need your help when I'm staring at a part I removed 8yrs ago and wondering where it goes!!

Dave.......photos are deceiving! But yes she did look lovely. Considering how many rough bits of the drivetrain I have found she drove well too.

 I've really broke the back of the chassis welding today, managed to do a tricky bit ( for me) around the diff area, the rest of the welding is fairly straight forward in comparison, but there is a lot of it. I takes me a long time, I spend a lot of time prepping and working stuff out, if I was doing it for a living I'd be on a couple of quid an hour! I think another solid week will see it done! ( the welding that is ).

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