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What are they actually for?

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I suppose we should start a 'Things you've always meant to ask or wanted to know' part of the forum, but on working on my 1200 bulkhead there are two metal clips above the bellhousing that don't seem to do anything - see photo; I've added black plastic covers to make them stand out more, just below the heater box. Neither the loom not brake pipes route anywhere near these on any of my Heralds and I've just spent a half hour perusing photos, and none of the Heralds in those seem to have any use for them. Anyone use them or know what they're actually for?





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I have the 13/60. and the same 2 clips. I had assumed they where for routing the Brake Pipe.? Shown as Y1 in the parts catalogue (P38)?

Brake Pipes-2.jpg

However as I did not remove said pipe. (kit of Parts!) I am not positive?.

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1 hour ago, dougbgt6 said:

Is this a 1200? It has a clip. If it's not a 1200 you've got the wrong bulkhead!  It will have to come off! :angry:


No, that's a 13/60... and my eyes aren't good enough to spot said clips...!

However: it may be the case that early cars routed the brake pipe from the master cylinder across behind the heater; later ones routed it across in front of the heater? In which case they're for a later car than this should be... but they were welded on in accordance with reference photos when the bulkhead was restored and before it was painted, so I may have used a 13/60 bulkhead photo for reference rather than an early one... no worries, I can hang a spare ignition lead or fanbelt or the like from them.


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3 minutes ago, 68vitesse said:

That pipe runs at the back of the bulkhead ledge on my Vitesse under the heater.



Mike Costigan's book shows four photos; 948 Herald, drum braked 1200 Herald, disc braked 13/60 Herald and Vitesse, and all have the brake pipe running behind the heater. As it's the only reference I checked, it made me believe that they were all like that - maybe some models differed?

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55 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

those are harness tags , used  for vitesse battery to solenoid cable 

not used on Herald as starter is N/s  

certainly not for brake pipes , as too bendy/ insecure 


Certainly looks like clips for wiring of some kind, and they're also on my 1962 1200 convertible bulkhead so I'm happy they're meant to be on the 1967 model I'm working on at present (but not on the 948 saloon). Not that I'm really worried if they should be there or not; I'm more concerned that I've routed something in the wrong place.

The Herald version of nipples, then, everyone has them whether they use them or not...

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7 minutes ago, NonMember said:

Since the Vitesse needs them for routing the starter / solenoid cable, because the starter is on the right on them, would the same be true of LHD Heralds, where the battery is on the right?

Hi, Unknown, But seems logical?. However the forgoing will be useful when I get to putting the Front brake pipe back in, save me agonising over just where it should go, as that would seem to be behind the heater box. That is the problem with not having stripped the whole of the car one`s self. It had already been attacked by the time it came to me ie; "kit of parts".


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