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Slot mag centres


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On 27/11/2020 at 13:08, AlanT said:

Hi All,

I've acquired these funky Cobra Super slots for my 1980 Spit resto. A bit 'boy racer' but I like them! Does anyone know who sell centres (60mm approx) and nuts to fit Spit studs? 





Nobody has mentioned nuts...

You need to have a careful look at the seat. They are often a std 60 degree seat, used on many many cars. Otherwise they could be a flat seat, or even curved. 

While you are restoring the car, I strongly recommend changing the wheel studs from the weedy 3/8 size to M12. M12 are very common, used by about half the cars on the rod today. And Freelander studs are a good fit (though you need to find the version where the threaded section d=goes almost to the bottom, some leave unthreaded shank which can stop wheels being fully tightened



Back to nuts. I have used ford M12 nuts on my alloys, which are 60 degree taper. I can still use steel wheels too.

If they are a different fitting, have a look here, they list just about everything available http://www.grayston.biz/wheelnutmenu.htm




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