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Wing or Door Mirrors? MK2 2000


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I need to replace the wing mirrors, question is should I change the current wing ones for a door version? I'm wondering what would give better visibility and look OK. Also flat or oval mirrors

Thoughts anyone?


I've found a pair of new Texx Oval rounded Viewmaster© Springback Wing Mirrors for around £55 which are similar to the old one fitted MS106F.


Anyone seen similar cheaper new or VGC?




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The choice is not flat or oval, its's flat or convex.  The shape is for you to decide (others may advise) but my recommendation is that whatever shape you go for, make sure they have convex mirrors.  Especially if you fit door mirrors.



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I'm with Paul on this one. Have one clamped, drivers side only, to my GT6 Mk1 and it has proved a superb investment; I fit one to the passenger side when going abroad.  Excellent visibility, copes with the vibration easily and no holes.  Quarterlight never gets opened anyway.


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had wing mirrors on my 2000 but need a telescope to see whats coming ,  so fitted door rectangulars ,  


here things get into the wish i had thought more about it,  the plastic base is rubbish , if you find some with a cast base platemount they are better


the door skin is not reinforced and at speed the whole lot start to tremble,  as it flexes the door skin.

dumped the hopeless tap screw and rawlplug fixing and added rivenuts  and setscrews  ...better  not solved 


if you put them to see in you block the NDV  if you clear  the NDV you loose angle on sight 


conclusion is Im getting too old for all this 



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These are the mirrors i would recommend for a Mk 2 2000 door mounting for aesthetic reasons.


BUT -The listing says they are flat glass.  You will find a massive improvement if you fit convex glass.  If you look at the field of view in the photo you will see that the photo is of convex glass mirrors, not flat



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