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Tutorial days , advice on basic twiddling

Pete Lewis

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I did a day with Aidan and Paul with tappet and twiddling advice


its been suggested the club could do these , there is the problem of who and how


I have many years experience in sorting the basics and quite willing to devise a day or two in the spring to advise about the technical and practical aspects of

classic related service techniques,


the subject is down to suggestions but anything we can twiddle is a start

be it carb setting , bearing adjustments , or a gearbox strip, tracking etc.


let me know drop a e mail from the my profile page and see what we can achieve


you will need to travel to Luton LU3 3AX


no charge and free Tea

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I have sent you a personal mail. The answer to your very good question is yes I would be very interested, Hope I am not talking out of turn but more practical get togethers is just what we all need so we can all learn as am sure we have all had that moment off "if only I knew the remedy for this issue with my car"




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just thinking out loud here...


tssc headquarters is pretty central, maybe a few/series of "how to" days over the course of the year could be organised.

not only is the shop there but we might be able to shoot/do a writeup  for the courier...?



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There could problems with using Hq the small workshop is only got planning permision to repair museum cars i will check with Bern


I prefer to do twiddling at home as I know what and where tools and clues are .


this is taking off well. I will make up, a list of a few requests and pick a date



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I have had a chat with Bern and yes the workshop is limited and far too small to do much  what he wants to do is

erect one of the LeMans   tents in the carpark and maybe do a BBQ and open the shop   this would enable a much bigger audience etc.


I will still do a at home twiddle day based on the interest so far and put some time into developing  a what and when up at HQ

 so its watch this space 



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The more I think about this the more mileage (Forgive the pun) I think there is in it.  How about a get together at the HQ with a Power Point or slide show, just like an informal lecture.  The format could be a presentation/lecture follow by a questions and answer session, so we can all ask those stupid questions we have all wanted to ask but afraid of looking stupid.

We could all learn from each other.


Just a thought



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Hello Andrew.


Personally I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question - only doubt through lack of knowledge. In order to secure that knowledge one must ask questions. What is obvious to one may not be to another and vice-versa.


There is no such thing as 100% knowledge, what is important is the availability and the correct environment to ask questions in order to increase ones personal knowledge.


IMHO that is why this Forum is excellent and is served admirably by those who take time out to erase those elements of doubt and replace it with knowledge for all to share.





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Personally I have only been tinkering with the car for 18 months and whilst I have done a full rebuild of suspension, bushes, bearings, etc I have had an incredibly steep learning curve. Whilst I think I am very practical and hands on, car mechanics is relatively new to me and everything I do is new so the forum and you chaps have been a great help.


Count me in on any tutorials, perhaps people from the midlands want to meet up an attend together? 


Of the things I have done I think end float has been the most worrying.

Of the things to do I haven't touched electrics (courtesy light switches don't seem to work and I think I need a new stabilizer) or the engine bay I probably need to lift the engine to sort sump gasket, or out to allow full refurb of the bay. If I mess with a distributor how can you tell if it is set right or advanced etc. 

Whilst it may not be appropriate for peoples time at such a gathering - I'd appreciate a tutorial in basic diagnostics. 





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  • 4 months later...

Its been a busy season down here for running the area with runs every month , Chris and Bern have chased me up to do something at HQ so its in the process of sorting a date mid september to open hq for some disorganised twiddling .

start with what I intened to do at home with

carburretors , tappets, settings , tracking toe in , and a bit of gearbox explained

that will do for a start and see how it goes


more details once we have a firmed up, date in place....sorry whatch this space has taken too long

but being spurned into activity has sparked a decision to make it work


so whatch this space and the courier


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Luton's a long way for me, as is Club HQ.  If there were a bonus in it for me, I'd be more willing to teach - whaT I mean is, how about tutorials at Triumpfest?


Glad to show, for instanc "Equal Lift on Overlap".



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I have suggested 17th September, Bern says he can lay on lunch  £3.50   


this need approval by the COM to open up HQ but this is the idea so far for a light hearted twiddle day at HQ 


obvious you have wait till the whole arrangement is given the green light


i can add the final idea on here and guess Bern will Courier  it ,if theres time to edit it in,  and he can do face book

(Idont)    so this is to wet the appetite.....


hopefully we can have a few troubled cars and owners to see how this goes   this wont be over comprehensive ,there a limit on what you can do away from home  but good sound simple basics to follow to achieve a result as triumph intended. 


hopefully this will give you experience to twiddle with confidence ,  it will be your hands on with guidance from  Herts and Beds

being Me and Ray 


my base thoughts are .......

carburettor setting and operations

tappets,    feelers  or  click adjust  

timing,   strobe or pilot lamp

wiper lost travel rack rotation

toe in the easy way  two sticks and a tape measure 

how synchromesh works.. 


any other business





to show and explain the how and why and drink coffee

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