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Where to start.....?

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Looking at the thread title, what needs doing? Or do you want to get it "as it left the factory"?

(often such missions are fraught with frustration, empty bank accounts and a car that rarely gets used. Using a car IS the most important thing)

So, assuming the car i all roadworthy, fill it with fuel and go for a drive. Plan some events to attend, gain confidence in the car and then you will use it even more. Fix things as and when they need fixing, and use the best quality parts you can find. (ask on here if you are unsure what are the best parts, don't rely on traders being honest about it!)

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The pics were taken by Melvyn, the previous owner, near Pontypool in Wales.

I have spent the last couple of days looking over it and it is in good condition. Mel used it as a runaround and its beginning to show some signs of wear.

The wheels are from a 1500. The steering wheel is from a TR6 and it has a Herald 1300 engine in it. The chassis, bonnet and boot are rock solid but the drivers door is rotten at the bottom and the gapping on it is poor. Other than that there are patches of rust, filler and welding in various places.

The engine is absolutely sound but the gearbox and diff are noisy.

I'm trying to decide what to do with it. According to the how many left website there are less than 20 Mk1's left and I suppose it deserves to be restored back to show standard but I'm not sure how far to go with it.

Whatever happens, I have been after an early Spit for ages and now its happily sat in my garage.

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Don't rely on the "how many left" site, it is notoriously inaccurate (probably as cars were recorded in a number of ways when records were stuck on the computer or suchlike)

Show standard? I really would not worry about it. Do the car as you wish, and use and enjoy it. If the wheels worry you (I think they could be 5.5J wheels, which have real value) I would consider a set of these: 


which are the JBW/weller 5.5J new wheels. They were reasonably priced on ebay at £299 a set, but appear out of stock now?

As to the door, make some calls. A few years ago one side of the early doors were in good supply, so I expect some traders may be able help (chic doig, Fitchetts would be my first places to try)

TR6 wheel is pretty nice....

Engine, sourcing a genuine engine may be tricky. You may be as well to modify the herald engine especially if it is a GE one. A mk3 spit profile cam and a head skim, plus twin carbs would up the power/torque nicely. A 4 branch manifold would be a nice touch...

Gearbox, if non-overdrive is common to heralds and spit mk1-3, so easily available. Overdrive far more sought after. But noisy is repairable, and may be a bearing or layshaft pin. Likewise the diff is common to the same cars.

But use and enjoy it.... that is what it is for.

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11 hours ago, clive said:

Don't rely on the "how many left" site, it is notoriously inaccurate (probably as cars were recorded in a number of ways when records were stuck on the computer or suchlike)

Yup, agree with that! All HML records are derived from DVLA computer records. In those far off times DVLA had paper records which have now been transferred to the DVLA database. I don't think the transfer is the problem rather than what was written down originally, my own GT6 was listed as a convertible, not a coupe as all the others.

DVLA never differentiate between GT6s. No mk1/2/3,  just GT6. On the other hand Spitfires were registered as plain Spitfires or mk1/2/3/4/1500. So the mk1s are in the Spitfire section or the mk1 section.  You may get a better idea of HML by looking at the dates off first registration of Spitfires and mk1s and adding them together.


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