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Tssc insurance valuations

Paul H

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Yesterday read a FB post about a guy looking to sell a Concours GT6 looking for interested parties . He said the car had a tssc valuation of £37,000 , can this be correct as the latest concours valuation for any gt6 is £24,000 . Of course I can’t find the post now to give more info 


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Well, the TSSC valuation is the insurance valuation not a re-sale valuation which will be much less. The insurance money gets you a replacement and money to get the replacement in order.

But how do you value say a GT6 with an electric engine? To replace it you need a GT6, an electric engine and conversion cost. So the insurance valuation , for a concours would be more than £24k.

However, could an electric GT6 be concours?!!  And it's sound like your man is suggesting £37k is the retail cost so, no! :ph34r: Very suspicious. :angry:


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It's the provenance that could inflate prices, if you have proof that Stirling Moss once sat in it or Juan Fangio dropped his cheeseburger on the bonnet it may put the price up. I used to read the classified ads in magazines like 'Classic and Sportscar' and regularly see Triumphs like ours going for massive prices. I've managed to find the 'best available anywhere' Mk2 on sale for £23, 950, but I've also managed to locate the one that Paul mentioned, which is being sold as a 'GY6' in 'Royle Blue' and where it states the TSSC valuation in 2019 was for £37000. Hope the spares include a spellchecker. :)  The rebuild has allowed for 'acceptable improvements' but no mention of what they are. The fuel filter seems to be in front of the fuel pump, which is odd, but I'd take the seats any day.


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Quite a number of years ago I can remember the saga concerning a racing Lotus Elite from the early 1960's. Several Elites with the same reg, DAD 10, had popped up around the world and each owner was claiming their's was the original. This had been bouncing around in one of the classic car mag.  It had been raced by Les Leston. He wrote to the mag saying he had left a half eaten cheese sandwich and a used jock strap in the boot. If the owner could send them to him he would then verify if the car was the original.


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56 minutes ago, Dick Twitchen said:

Think that is a bit of an optical illusion; looks like the fuel line from aft is hose in a rather large curve before it gets to the filter.

One of them there optical delusions... wonder how far the rubber pipe extends in under... for that money you'd think he'd trim off the excess.

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Hi All

Please be mindful that Tssc agreed valuations are for replacement value NOT retail value.

The insurance guide price list in the Courier is as it says a guide, if cars are exceptional or unusual then these are taken on there own merit.

The Tssc has a network of insurance valuers all across the country, i would expect anything that is in the opinion of one of our valuers in excess of our guide prices to be double checked with either Bernard at Tssc or by myself.


Chris Gunby

Tssc chairman

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