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Herald seat stripdown


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Has anybody got an exploded view diagram of the basic seat?

My drivers side felt like there was a metal bar, right across my shoulder blades and it was agonising after half an hour plus.

So..... I swapped the whole seat over for the passengers.  Ohhh. Bliss :) so comfy in comparison. 

Yesterday I took the wife to the dentists.....poor girl !. 2 mins in she is moaning and leaning forward and saying "I'm never coming in this again"

Today, successful strip down but masses of foam dust as seen in pictures. The main foam seems solid, so....have I lost the bit at the top of the back? Or where? What a mess!!






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The foam is in better condition that in mine. I added some foam at the top to pad the bar and replaced the straps with strong wide elastic from my wife's store of bits & bobs, that also improved the comfort.

When I refitted the foam I put it in a plastic bag as it helped the cover slide on again.

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you can buy pirelli webbing from many places  ebay etc   de staple the old and then its guess a length to get the tension firm 

you will need to drill the strap to refit and squeeze up the wire staples  but its a cheap fix  do not pay silly money for the kits sold buy the many 

thats daft  prices so any diy skills  its a simple task even if you have reposition a few times to get the stretch.tight enough    have some shreaded wheat 


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:) Thanks guys, I have ordered some high density upholstery foam, I got 22x22x3" for £15 which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the pucka stuff but still a fair wedge for a lot of holes!. Right then, I will jiggle about with her knicker elastic until my tension is right.

Did the top 1/3 have foam in originally? 

If so, I wonder why that is the only bit to disintegrate! It took some vacuuming up !! :(


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Jeff, Pirelli webbing off fleabay. By the metre. That reminds me, I promised someone ages ago to measure my old spit seats rubbers and forgot. Whoever it was, if you are reading this, sorry. I will dig them out and post the lengths for posterity assuming that the search routine finds the post!! Jeff, if you want a link I will dig that out too.


Found it, have a read through this...



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Just called in at my local upholstery and got a nice freebie :) 3ft sq and 3" deep same colour as original  AND..he recommended.....an electric carving knife! Thanks Paul.

I was on my way to the local hostelery, where I am now 

Uph??? :)

Thanks to you also Mr Wolf, I shall have a flick through that. Odd, I could find nothing in search, but probably used the wrong parameters 



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3 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

even if you have reposition a few times to get the stretch.tight enough    have some shreaded wheat 

I attached one end of the strap to the fixing and fitted it to the frame then stretched it to get a good fit, cut with a good length extra, threaded through the fixing , pulled tight and stapled/riveted.

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Yes Colin, I saw that and it 'does not compute' with the fact.

As my photos show, there is a 'top third' which I'd different! ???

Never mind, budge bodge and improve  :)

cheers Chris, just missed your post, wor lass has a nice padded bottom so no problem  :)

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Pete.... your post count is 'magnifico' your comments are brill, but if you come from Yorkshire (is it?) Chuck is a term of endearment/friendliness as in ....you aright chuck, etc Like we may say Pal up here, or Mucka, as in 'mate'

I'm sure I heard it said on the likes of Coronation Street when I last watched it 30-40 years ago. Never seen a 'soap' since. No interest in screaming and shouting but some seem to think that is the way life should be????

Lets get our heads into the real world and keep our classics alive! 

Petrol engines forever'...... until the fuel runs out  :( 

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