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Hi All 

Please do not forget to respond to the Tssc survey currently available to ALL members on the front page of the club website.

Currently less than a week till it finishes we would really appreciate ALL of your thoughts and comments.

Remember its your club the results are up to you. 




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You are correct.


However, a lot of members set their favourites to the page they want to go to first. In this case the Forum rather than clicking on the TSSC Homepage and then on to the Forum. I know that, because that's exactly what I do.


If I want the TSSC homepage then I will click on that tab via the Forum.


I think if something is that important to TSSC HQ then it has to be placed in the areas that members are likely to go to first; I would have thought the Forum would have been an obvious point in question.


After all it's just a link which is exactly why I put it on #2 after Triumph948 flagged it up.





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TSSC Member Online Demographics Survey 2017

In order to direct our efforts as effectively as possible, it is important that the Club understands our members, the cars they drive and how they enjoy them.
To assist in this process, we are launching our second annual survey.  
The questions are straightforward and not too enquiring, but they will help the Club in shaping the events, services and products that are most relevant to you, the members.
As an added (Christmas) bonus, we are offering Five £20 Club Shop Vouchers to be selected at random from all responses received up to, and including 30th November 2017.  
Winners will be listed in the January 2018 Courier and notified directly.
A summary of the results will be published in the New Year.
Please take some time to respond to the survey.  It should take no more than 10 minutes and will be greatly appreciated.
To complete the survey, please enter the link below into your web browser or Click the Advert for this on the TSSC Website Home Page


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