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Took my GT6 to the exhaust place yesterday, it's been clonking on the chassis since shortly after I had it put on last year (*). They re-aligned it and tightened the bolts, but they showed me the underside, I've got a centre box and there's about 1/4" clearance on either side with the chassis rails! I'm sure that's bigger than my previous box, must report that to Angie and Bern at the club shop who sold it to me.

* I'm now too old to crawl under cars, not on a sloping drive anyway, it's not the getting under that's the problem, it's the getting up again!


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Drift isn't inevitable - it just needs the iron fist of a set of moderators to delete or move all drifting posts - but in reality, who has time for that?

In most cases the questions are usually answered very early on.

As an aside, there was a post on Facebook about towing a Landrover discovery that had failed. The question was answered by the first respondent, refuted by the second which caused a 3rd post by the OP who was confused. I replied confirming that you can and gave a link to the relevant manual and page number and the limitations.

Several hours later, people were still posting conflicting views! 

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