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Demister question


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My car seems to demist the passenger side of my windscreen at least twice as quick as the drivers side if not faster and I was wondering if anyone else has this same issue?

I've checked all the hoses and all are sealed with no splits, my heater flaps are adjusted evenly and still I have superior airflow from the passenger side to the point where I've considered longer pipes and swapping them over (if there's space to do so)

The only cause I can think of is the fact that the passenger side outlet from the heater box is higher up than the driver side 

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Mine still demists quicker with a passenger and as gully said I can too feel more airflow.

The felt seals are long gone on both sides of my heater box

I've tried rain x anti fog which works to some extent, screen gets wet rather than foggy but it's a nightmare with frost as it freezes I've never tried shaving foam but I've used toothpaste on the bathroom mirror as anti fog but I imagine in frosty conditions it's just going to freeze like the rain x 

I'd love to be able to fix all my leaks and properly dry out my car but I'm going to have to deal with it this winter and sort them when the weather picks up and I can finally sort out the body and paint

I'm gunna check behind the dash if I can swap the hoses from passenger to driver side and if that doesn't work I'll just have to rely on the chamois sponge 

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Space is "tight" under the dash for the hoses. But as both sides are fed from the same box, maybe restricting the passenger side a little may help? And see about something to stop the air leaking into the footwells should also help. 

When I was using my Herald for work, I left it with a fan heater pointing towards the windscreen (IIRC a box on the rear seat was employed) and then 20 mins before I left for work I would switch it on from inside the house. Warm screen, job done. I guess an engine pre-heater would have been better as it got chilly in the cabin PDQ before the engine got hot. But I could see where I was going.

Maybe we need to do a bulk order of heated front screens (somebody did it for T2000's)

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Might be a cheaper option, especially if you have a 12v socket; if not a couple of crocodile clips and cables to the battery might work as well....

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