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TWIDDLE DAY April 7th 2019

Pete Lewis

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Hi Ray and I will be holding our 4th Twiddle day at Club HQ on Sunday April 7th 2019

so pencil in a day of clues ,ideas , how to and mickey taking , we need your car and if possible some ideas of what you would like to discuss

and see if we can enlighten you into solving some problems or training to do  fixes DIY fashion 

we start at 10am and work through the day , Im sure Bern will be on the BBQ for a lunch break and burgers for just a few ££s

we do not expect to manage engine strip downs or diff rebuilds this is a day to show  how  to manage all the basic adjustments and setting to get the best from your pride and joy

some idea of numbers is always good , and add here any questions about what you feel you need to know helps 

its a good day out no prisoners taken all friendly and fun,  we try to cover as much as possible with you doing the hands on.

Pete and Ray   herts and beds area 



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Just a thought, I ran off a batch of the coloured Spitfire and GT6 wiring diagrams and had my No1daughter laminate them for the East Berks faithful, no charge. The diags are for USA models so some discrepancies, but this is outweighed by the usefulness of  COLOUR!!  Should I get some more for Twiddle day?



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On 08/03/2019 at 17:58, Pete Lewis said:

Grant,     are you car gauges needles slow moving or instant movers  ie stabilised or non stabilised 


These are 3 brand new sml dials to add to a new bottom dash section. Battery voltage. Oil pressure. Oil Temp. Need to work out electric sender unit connection threads. Ie T off piece from current oil pressure light and sump plug connection for temp or if another location is available ? 


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