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Gt6 mk3 sports exhaust??


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My gt6 has a wheel barrow style stainless exhaust with a straight pipe in the centre under the gearbox. (I purchased the car with this exhaust). 

Anyone know where I can get the centre silencer tube from? Rimmers appear to only sell the entire system. 

It's just too noisy with the straight through pipe. 

Cheers all. 


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I'd say your best bet is to contact a local custom exhaust specalist, one of the ones that build bespoke systems.  Pop along to them, chat about how you want the car to sound and they should be able to sort you out with something.

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I replaced my GT6 standard stainless system with one from the club shop. I comes in three parts, when I ordered it the shop only had two so had to order the missing bit from their supplier. Which I guess means, yes you can just order the middle section. 

Stainless systems do deteriorate, my stainless was OK but the welds and baffles were shot,  only lasted 30 years! I spent a lot of time listening to sports, semi sports and standard before deciding standard was noisy enough for me!


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Dolly John, the wheelbarrow system is loud. Had one on mine and it was far too loud for me. By all means try adding the centre section, but I think you'll only make a significan't improvement by changing the whole system back to standard. That's what I did and I haven't regretted it for a moment!

Cheers, Richard

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the centre box is more anti resonance than a silencer   it not very big ,cant do much for overall loudness

richards about right

you may have a Full Sports system  and really want a semi sports which has a good compromise in its less rorty

a large bore single has my vote 

the idea that  2 is better than one just makes more grooves in a speed hump 


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Hi Pete, 

So is the difference between semi sport and full sport in the 2 rear silencers?

I guess the centre muffler tube pipe could be added to both? 

Or does a semi sport contain the centre silencer and a full sport not? 

The system I have is not a rimmers. Can't remember the name on the label. 

It's only done 2 miles. Wouldn't mind swapping for a good stainless standard system if you know anyone..... 



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According to the parts books and manuals, my early Mk 3 has the Mk 2 standard system (albeit in stainless steel) - standard back box, but without the centre silencer / resonator added on the Mk 3. Wouldn't want a louder set-up!



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Totally agree with Scrapman. And the term "sport" exhaust should be changed to "loud" as they do very little in terms of performance. 

It took some thought, and nothing off the shelf, to build a sensibly quiet but efficient exhaust. (less than half the noise of the twin sports exhaust I had been given, sound level dropped from 97/98db to mid 80's)

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alot depends on wot yer end pipes are

my original Falcon ex, noo been on 30 odd years { with a few mods !! } has got silencers in the exit pipes.

quite alot of the others aint got this


some even have a recurved lip, all this does is  narrow yer pipes an sap power !!


re middle box, a 3  3/4 inch wide box / pipe can be fitted,

or in my case, a 4 inch pipe  sqeezed up on its side !

IF, ye get an adjustable spanner an  turn  the ends of the chassis rails doon t,90 degs

this,l give nearly 4 inches of play


this,l give another 3/4 or so inches t,play with

mines quite quiet wid 2 rear boxes, { re packed with loadsa sound absorbing stuff } and a 4 inch x 3 foot center bit


Note, stainless steel dont like salt air an heat.,!! but, better stainless dont mind it, marine grade.

also as Doug says, the innards are not stainless,just MS







one oft best mods I did, was t,stop rain get,n into boxes whenst outside,

this wee mod will help,  and, Im sure it actually med a wee dif to the noise at diff speeds,

but on 4K revs at noise testing on hillclimbs, its only 85 DBs, thats quite quiet really



this,l be what yer packing will be like,or worse



and the rotted inner baffle




re screwed t,gether, an sealed, 2 hours tops



maybe of some intrest t,some








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