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Rubbed through paint to undercoat!


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Hi Guys,

Sprayed my bonnet with rattle cans and thought the paint layer was fairly thick. As it was orange peeled used some compound and wax to remove the peel which it did. On inspection found that the primer was showing in one area. What would be the best stuff to use to remove the compound/wax so I can respray that area?



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Any proprietary panel wipe / degreaser should do the job. Any of my local autofactors have a good selection, ask for the trade stuff that bodyshops use. The stuff I use comes in 5 litre containers and I used it recently to degrease a new panel, which it did very easily and completely so that I could spray a primer coat. 

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Aerosol Brake/clutch cleaner come sin many varieties. Apart form removing dust they also cut through grease/oil

Wynn's (£4.50) is an excellent degreaser but will attack many paint schemes.

Halfords (£3.50) is awful stuff. Mild degreaser. Wouldn;t attack most paint finishes.

I can imagine the cheaper Poundland etc  offerings  being harmless to paint but not special on grease


However with anything going on paint - test a small area first.



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