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Compression test


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Compression tests should be done warm with all plugs out and the throttle wide open. I generally allow 5 compression strokes per pot.

Absolute results are a bit lower than might be expected, but the compression gauge is an uncalibrated device. They are nice and even though, so if it’s running well and not breathing heavily or burning oil, I reckon it’s likely fine 


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21 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

I can't believe the GT6 used to be my everyday car, how did I put up with it?!! 4 stone lighter perhaps?


You were 4 stone lighter because you sweated a gallon a day in a GT6🥵

I meant to find you at Duxford and put another face to the name.....but forgot. 



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15 hours ago, daverclasper said:

Hi Doug. It was Pete's original enquiry. Just interested if "heavy breathing" is part of my life?.


Believe its related to how much pressure you can feel with the oil filler cap removed. If the rings/bores are worn there will be more leakage to the crankcase which, up to a certain flow, will be drawn into the carbs by the PCV. However Im not sure if its necessary to block off the PCV to test this...   

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