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Coolant replacement for GT6


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Hello all. What coolant do you use for MkIII GT6. Halfords online checker says they don’t have any that is for GT6 which can’t be right. I know to use the blue coolant but can any of you post a picture of the product you would use so I don’t get the wrong stuff. Thanks everyone.

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+1 for the Comma Range, use their Oils and various Greases as well as the Anti freeze. On all my "moderns". The exception being the Sprinter, which has to have a specialised Full Synthetic oil, (low ash?). ACEA C2, API SN, ACEA C3. And costs and Arm and Leg. £135 the last time.


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6 hours ago, Stratton Jimmer said:

Both my sixes are on Evans waterless coolant.

Is that related to the 'Waterless urinals' in Macdonalds etc? I was tempted to ask what happens to the urine.

Sorry to introduce thread drift with an attempt at humour. Half term looking after G-kids is the cause.

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Tesco often has Prestone antifreeze on offer at a really good price.

Before replacing the antifreeze, I flushed the system, twice, with soda crystals. Prior to, my radiator had a dark, opaque, fluid and I used to watch the temp gauge rise towards the panic zone when stuck in queuing traffic.

Since replacing it, the coolant has remained a nice transparent yellow and I have significantly less fear of overheating.



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