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Ziebart treatment

Unkel Kunkel

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In the seventies, getting your car Ziebart cavity wax treated was quite the thing.

One used to see cars with a sticker :


What happened to them?
Are there  classic cars that are now   remarkably rust-free because they were treated?

You would think it might be a good selling point- have you seen  it it mentioned in an old car advert?

Was it an “elixir of youth” for cars ?

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Still About?. https://www.ziebartworld.com/en/service/rust-protection

Was always an expensive "option", I think Father had his Second Anglia "Super" done. And it cost a serious amount of money back in the Mid/Late 60`s. That car is no longer on the DVLA database, so I expect it`s gone the way of many more, despite the "treatment".


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I use an aerosol product that looks, feels, and smells identical to what Ziebart used.  It dries sort of waxy, and doesn't go hard (at least not in ten years or so).


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On 12/07/2023 at 18:37, johny said:

I think the quality of the application made a big difference as well - some technicians just did the easy, obvious bits and signed the car off....

I think so. Mine has holes drilled in the sills and in other places. Ive since covered it inside and out with modern cavity wax, forgotten the brand, but it comes from Frosts in aerosols with tubes.

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