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Stag again

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For 21 years I owned a 1977 MK2 Stag and had to sell it 5 years ago. That car was white but was originally Russet Brown, so there were areas that had not been repainted and still brown. It was annoying but still I missed it and thought about it regularly. 

Jump to July 18 and I was about to climb Snowden and while waiting for the troops to assemble found myself browsing eBay. There was a Stag that needed restoration with no bids and 10 minutes left to run, it was a 72 manual o/d in white with red interior (last of the first sanction mk 1 cars). A cheeky maiden bid won it and at some point I had to tell the Wife I’d bought yet another car...oops! Next problem it was in Southampton and I live in Chester, not even looked at the car, oh dear! 

Got the car home and firstly most of the work done on it was to a good standard, but the engine was seized....oh no!

Good news was it had only had two owners, been off the road since 1992 and the engine is the original one for the car. 

So stripped car down, welded up some parts but wanted a professional to spot weld the front wings on so it looked more factory than I could achieve so it’s on its way back to the road!








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8 hours ago, Hemimad said:

A cheeky maiden bid won it and at some point I had to tell the Wife I’d bought yet another car...oops!

Do you really have to?

Three options here:

1. "It's a friend's car and I'm working on it for him...."

2. It's inside the garage, the doors are closed, and she never goes in there anyway.

3. "Is that another car?" "For goodness sake, I bought that years ago, you should remember that, and it's been in that corner under a sheet ever since..."

I do that with musical instruments.. just bought another one whilst in Cumbria last week and it should arrive by Courier while she's at work. I hope.

Keep us posted with the Stag's progress!

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4 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

still got the last pair....unused 

incidently  whats your shoe size ????


It's when you get the velcro one's and have to have someone to fasten them you know when you are  past it.  But at least i will wish you "Happy Birthday" for yesterday, as everyone else has'nt...................... :) 


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7 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:

Or ask yourself, "Do I really need a wife?" :lol:


I'm going to strangle that farmer. He made it seem like so much fun.

7 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

73 yesterday and I got nothing ,.....begining to think you are right 


I got none either... but then I'm married too.

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