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Loft insulation in car???


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Anyone know what this loft type insulation I have between back seat and boot area? Black Plastic wrapped but falling apart. I've removed and binned it whilst doing a bit work.

Should I replace it (sound deadening?) or what was it for?

Could fill the area with expanding foam?? :)

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11 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

A lot of us use stuff called Silent Coat sound/heat deadening on the tunnel and under carpets. Works extremely well and easy to stick on. Have a look on FleaBay.


Another vote for Silent Coat . Best prices were from Amazon 


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the orig bags fill the voids between boot and passenger compartment 

helps keep exhaust and diff noise down a bit  any thing to bung up voids make a more solid feel to the car 

the matts wont fill voids but really do stop any panel drumming 

you can find the old bags poked in a number of places  rear 1/4 side panels  and base of A posts   etc 


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I replaced all the original sound deadening on my Vitesse a few years ago using black rubble sacks and Acoustic Earthwool. Think the original stuffing was Kapok.The bags were cut to the various shapes and heat sealed, cheap heat sealer off eBay. I just pushed them into the cavaties. I used spray glue for inside the rear wings. I think Triumph used this method because of the large caverties, They used the black bitchermen patches on flat panels to help stop them resonating.

IMG_5240 (1).jpg

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