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New Member saying Hello

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Hi all,

As a very recent addition to the TSSC ranks I thought I should take the opportunity to say hello and introduce myself and my little blue GT6. 

I have owned a few classics in my time, minis at first and then a Mk 2 Vitesse CV ( EYP 464J - anyone know where she is ? ) which was my pride and joy and owned for a number of years before having to sell her to buy a more modern hack for work further afield. However after things settled down thoughts turned to another and  I found an advert in the local classifieds for a GT6. It was very rough but had some racing history which caught my attention. She was found in a barn down at Thruxton and sported the most outrageous wheel arches and purple paint !! A long restoration took place, honouring her heritage, and hopefully looking a touch more tasteful. She finally made it back on to the road about four years ago and I enjoy every minute of driving her. Sometimes I can be found in the garage just looking at her and giving her a little polish - sad I know but very true.

So how did I come to join the TSSC ? Well I always wanted to go to a car show with my GT6 and knew that there had been a Triumph meeting at the Leatherhead Leisure centre in previous years and kept an eye on the internet to see if it would happen again and if I dare go along. It was and I plucked up the courage to go along and slipped in a little under the radar. I didn't know what to expect but I need not have worried as there was a warm and pleasant atmosphere and I enjoyed a good sunny afternoon, chatting to some lovely folk and looking at some beautiful Triumphs.  Then later in the year I got along to my local car show at Barnes Green ( in aid of the local children's hospice and well worth a visit ) where, low and behold I was greeted by a long line of Triumphs and a familiar face waving franticly at me over the rope. That was a certain Mr Dick Twitchen, who along with Tony from the Gatwick group and the others there made sure I had a great day and suggested I joined the club. So here I am 😀.

I aim to get along to lots more events next year, maybe even Classic Le Mans, and as I am on the Surrrey / Sussex border maybe the regional evenings too.

If you do see me, please do say Hi.








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Welcome Justine, lovely car it looks like it'll wake up the neighbours. 

I joined the TSSC about three years ago and the Forum members have been invaluable in helping with all sorts of things......some even car related! One thing to remember is don't be afraid to ask. A lot of members have a huge amount of experience and glad to share and help. I've certainly learned a lot. It helps even if you want affirmation of your decisions. The Forum search facility is good and I get lost in there for hours! 


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Very nice with a LOT of goodies I like the open cabin look with the H scuttle frame removed, possible with the full roll cage.

Dash is great with 4 small gauges and deep colour dash finish.

A credit to your forward thinking, well done, unfortunately don't think I'd fit GT6 always a struggle when tall.

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Thanks to all you guys for the warm welcome and for the kind comments about my GT6. Think I'm definitely in the right place here with the TSSC. Hope to meet a few of you all next year ( when it warms up a bit !! ) Take care and Merry Christmas to you.

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Hi Justine and welcome!

I looked up your Vitesse on the DVLA web site, it's tax ran out on 1st December 2022 and MOT ran out in 2017.  Hopefully the tax is just an oversight and it'll get done soon. The MOT situation is likely because it's been declared MOT exempt. This is supported by the previous MOT, 2016, which had one advisory "Front brakes binding slightly due to lack of use" Mileage was 13, 051 . So  a very good chance it's still around and in storage, somewhere!

The Leatherhead event is organised by Mickey & Julie Hazell who run the Thames Area, their red Vitesse is in the picture below, next to my Mimosa MK3.


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Thanks Doug, that's great information and I'm very pleased to hear that my old Vitesse may still be lurking in somebodies Shed somewhere. I would love to see it out and about sometime but can't promise not to try to buy it back again as it was a great car with fond memories of driving it ( even with the snow coming in past the header rail !! ) . Great pic from the leatherhead show there and a lovely mimosa GT6 .... hope to see you there next year 😀.

Take care now


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Sorry to confuse, that pic ain't from Leatherhead, it's outside the Shire Horse in Maidenhead where East Berks Area meet. Mickey and Julie run Thames Area in Windsor which is quite close by, so those that need a double dose of Triumphs a month go to both.

The Shire Horse just re-opened, after refurbishment, they sent a pic. I haven't been in yet, but I'm apprehensive, the prancing horse on the road sign doesn't look like a Shire Horse to me! 




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