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Quiller Triumph

Conor L

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It is fair to say that the forum is not the place to discuss any bad experiences due to the libel laws.   Quillers helps many keep their cars on the road but would also say that many shop elsewhere  ......

I have used quillers but usually try others first......

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Hi guys,


The other day I stumbled across a place called Quiller Triumph and I was wondering if any of you guys had heard of them if so what is the service like there etc.


Cheers guys :)

We've all heard of them....


Like Mishmosh, I have used them in the past, but would always use others first. PM if you want a less public and more detailed reply.

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Quiller are my closest Triumph specialist.


When I need a part in a hurry I usually order it from James Paddock and pay for express delivery.




Not expressing any opinions but read those 2 factual statements how you will.

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Paddocks are my preferred supplier to. Cheaper than Rimmers and as good quality. I only use good used suppliers where parts are no longer made, then I use people like spitfire graveyard and Mick dolphin who have been recommended to me



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There used to be a supplier ranking on one of the old versions of the TSSC website. Unfortunately some of the suppliers didn't like being ranked low (even though they deserved it) I won't mention any suppliers with a bad reputation on this thread, but my own personal recommendation is Paddocks, Canley Classics, Manners Parts 4, Fitchets, Moss, Sports Car Supplies. Notice there are a couple of well known names missing from this list, this is intentional!

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