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I have had quite a few Triumphs over the years including Heralds, Stags, TR7 & GT6's plus a few other makes. In October 2016 I spotted this on Ebay:




It has been off the road since 1986 but the price was right as the chassis had already been done




I knew that I could probably sell just the restored chassis, for the price wanted. so I took the risk and brought it! (blind!)


So this is what arrived last October:



There were a few parts missing, some I knew about (bonnet, carpet) some I did not know about (headlights, petrol tank, interior side vents, rear quarterlights etc) the propshaft was for non-overdrive (but is is an "O" chassis number, so its original box) but I was overall very pleased with it, the body was not as bad as it looked, engine turned over easy (with plugs loose) and the interior parts just needed a really good clean.


To be continued on next post.......



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So the work began..(don't have a garage! or even a big garden) so all the work you are about to see was done on the driveway chassis and shell was kept under a car cover, or in my tiny garden shed. 


I decided early on to bare-metal the bodywork





Notice how solid the front lip of the roof is!




This was done all over, and it ended up like this, ready for final prep and  a professional respray




I was without it for 4 weeks, then this is what I got back:



Looking good! I'm sure you'll agree


This was 3 weeks ago today...


To be continued in next post........

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Here is where it is now, 3 weeks after getting it back



Last Thursday the engine started for the first time in 31 years - connected everything up turned the key and it fired up straight away and sounds great and is the smoothest GT6 engine i,ve had!!  (I've had 2 others)


All that needs doing is the brakes, then a good polish, it will be ready to show....


If anyone needs any help on a MK3 GT6 let me know, I have got over 1500 photos of the restoration, if anyone would like to see any part of it.


So from This



To This



In 7-8 months, single handily, only working outside when dry, through the winter, While working my day job full time.......It can be done!!


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This is the interior now




I have deliberately left the door cappings off for 2 reasons

1) the paintwork is so good on the doors 

2) the yellow looks really good with the black



Needless to say the car is now stored in a outdoor Carcoon (Expensive but highly recommended)





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Yes it is, not 100% original (I think inca was from 1976 originally) but it looks superb in it, I think



I agree. My first car was a Spitfire 1500 in Inca Yellow, so I have a soft spot for it........


Your car looks great.

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Well done - great to see another back on the road


Thanks for sharing the story in pictures,





Stunning! :o



Lovely looking rebuild!





I agree. My first car was a Spitfire 1500 in Inca Yellow, so I have a soft spot for it........


Your car looks great.


Thanks for all the nice comments, much appreciated :)  

Here are a couple more photos


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Absolutely brilliant, clearly a very experienced restorer. I've been tinkering with mine for 2 years and its no where near that good. Where are you Matt ? - I need a neighbour like you!



Thanks for your compliments


I would not call myself an experienced restorer! All I've done in the past is a little tinkering to keep my classics on the road. I certainly have not brought one in about 300 pieces before! And never a "nut & bolt" restoration.


I'm just in Cornwall on the border with Devon

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7 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Take a bow, young man - that is stunning!


(One small point tho - that fuel line looks very close to the water-pump pulley - it may be just camera angle and I'm sure you've secured it properly, but just want to check?)

Thanks for your observations! (amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can spot) I'm sure it is just the camera angle, I know the metal fuel  pipe just behind the rubber hose you can see is supported on the water pump housing top bolt (as per original) so It should be ok, but next time I get it out I will check it out.

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