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Hello from Lyme Regis

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Hi all

Newbie to the club and forum.

I learned to drive in a 1974 MkIV Spitfire back in 1976. It was my Mums car and after I passed my test I was (occasionally) allowed to take it to school ??. I loved it.

After finishing Uni and getting paid employment in 1981 I treated to myself to a TR7 FHC. It turned out to be a heap of trouble but I still thought it looked like a Ferrari.....well from the front if you squinted.

No more Triumphs in my life until last year when I bought a 1969 13/60 convertible to restore. It was on the road with a current Mot but needed TLC.

I then saw a 1970 Vitesse Mk2 convertible with o/d for sale on ebay. It was partially dismantled and being sold for spares. I bought it with the intention of donating the running gear to the Herald but after closer inspection decided to save it. So the Herald was put on hold and I have embarked on restoring the Vitesse?.

Currently just finishing the chassis with new outriggers etc.

Having a quick look through the forum I think I am going to find you and your experience invaluable, thank you in advance?




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