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Ball joint splitter


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Hello All

              Anyone used one of these? and are they any good for a Spitfire? The price is right!



ps photo is on Mondays run out


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54 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

Mines in a cupboard, ive always split ball joints by giving the  arm/ hole a good whack with a suitable birmingham screwdriver

and they just pop off easy 


Hello Pete

                    I have always done it that way but one or two have put up a good fight

Being an escaped Brummy I have a selection of afore said screwdriver from the toffee one to one I no longer have the strenght to pick it up not alone use it!


1 hour ago, Paul H said:

Hi Roger , got one and it worked fine on my Vitesse 

Great photo - where is it ?


Hello Paul

                    Its just above Llanlidloes on the river severn it was the tallest poured concrete dam in the UK when built(60,s I think? I even read the sign on Saturday!)

And it holds 11 billion gallons(I think it said!)or was is cubic somethings?

And Llanlidloes is the first town on the river severn(that,s the geography  lesson for today)



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Ball joint splitter - same as mine, works a treat.

I spent a morning with the big persuader thumping away, no joy. Went in doors and thought "There must be a tool for this!" Looked on Fleabay and there it was. "But wait a moment! I've got one of those!" Into the garage, opened the drawer, there it was, right at the front. :angry: 


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I concur best tool for splitting ball joints.  Go to your local machine mart to get one. And while you are there loose yourself in the tools. If like me I buy tools even though I don't need them.  I am taking tablets fir this obsession 


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One of the best types of ball joint splitter, though it can sometimes take a bit of wiggling to get it in place between all the other suspension components.

Beware eBay prices though - down to £14.37 from £43.26 might sound like a good deal...till you realise you can buy the Clark branded version of the same thing from Machine Mart for £11.98 https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht222-ball-joint-remover/ 

Less shiny and a little rougher, yes but then your going to be twatting it with a hammer rather than putting it on show.

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16 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

Why is everybody desperate to use the hammer?!! Must be machismo. Get the thing in position, tighten up the bolt and, boing!

Well said Doug.

I thought hammers were used for knocking in nails and extracting them ?



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12 hours ago, Anglefire said:

Roger, Have you bought one yet? Only I'm pretty sure I have one in the garage that you can borrow.

Hello Mark

                   It arrived today the sad thing is I do not need one at the moment but I am a tool nerd! still I may use it over the winter!


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