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Cleaning plastic light lenses


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Not sure this it’s the right place but hey ho!  And this is something many of you many already know about- but I didn’t so assume others won’t either  

i was watching car sos the other day and they were doing up a classic - forget the model but that is unimportant. 
The irritating Tim has to clean the rear lenses and rather  than use one of the many kits or cleaners, he just used toothpaste. 
My daughters car head lights have plastic lenses a do many modern cars and as we had some toothpaste samples from the dentist which we didn’t like, I gave it a go.  And it doors indeed work very well! 

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I have the same issue with a Fiat. (Punto). One lens/cover degrades regularly, as it is parked up facing south. Strangely the other, newer replacement, does not, I use "jewellers rouge". What you will find is it needs doing again (about twice a year). One source I looked at recommend to "lacquer" the item afterward?.

BTW. It can be an MOT "Fail". As I found out a few years back, so I do it before MOT now.

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Being a bear of little brain I bought a lens cleaner kit from Halfords. I thought at the time the gloop was toothpaste like. 

I have a battery driven dish scrubbing thing, a bit like a giant electric tooth brush which works very well as a gloop applicator.


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I have tried everything on the shelf to polish up the plastic lens on my modern. Toothpaste, brasso, renovo, vinyl polish, duraglit (found with the brasso at the back of the cupboard), hood cleaner, that plastic cleaner you use on computers that doesn't work on them either, but nothing shifts it. Probably that's why I'm trying to trade the car in... maybe in about 6 months that is.

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The issue with using toothpaste is that it's not a permanent fix. When I bought my 2003 clio 2 years ago the headlights were that bad you couldn't see the bulbs inside goodness know how they passed the previous MOT anyway I used some 1500 followed by 2000 grit wet & dry sandpaper to remove the top faded layer of plastic, I then hit it with some Plastex 2.0 by Meguiars using a polishing attachment on my drill and coated with wax to protect them from UV rays. Still looking good 2 years on and I think will last as long as you keep on top of the wax. As mentioned people do lacquer them and some people even use paint protection film.

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On 05/04/2020 at 20:52, Vanadium23 said:

I would say, in descending order:

Solvol Autosol>T-Cut>Brasso>toothpaste.


I did wife’s 500 with Autosol. 

Tried all the others, but they are not as good as Autosol.

Put some on a drill mounted polishing pad and they will come up like new.

Makes a right mess, so cover up anything you don’t want splattered.

Andy S.



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