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Paul Amey

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If it's just the lacquer/varnish that is cracked and flaking and the main ply layers separating a bit, then very professional results can be achieved with strong glues and general varnish hand painted, with fine flatting down, though maybe you have no time and want a bespoke veneer finish anyway   

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My Dad did mine - cost me a dash from the spitbits or whatever the site is - so not a lot. Didn't take long either - think he had stripped the old veneer off and applied the new in a day - longest bit was the varnishing because of the drying time between coats. He would probably do another one- but you need to be able to contact the dead. 🤣

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I’ve had a few Triumphs but the best wood veneer dash was on the 66 Herald 1200 Conv a beautiful dark burr heavily grained finish replicated (mirrored) on the left and right sides of the dash about the vertical centre line really real quality of Roller standard!

By comparison the Vitesse is just plain!

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