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5 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

schools never closed snow well over the top of your wellies, 

roll giant snowballs all the way home , they could last fora month ,

making slides down the playground and down the footpaths 

no central heating and frost inside the windows 

was normal winter as i remember 


Exactly the same for me. Plus, as we lived on a steep hill me, my brother and sister would look out of the front room window and "bet" to whether cars would make it or not. Of course being on a hill meant the slids were GREAT!

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Finally! I 've got snow, I was feeling left out.

Woken at 7am by a BMW, engine roaring, wheels spinning, he got half way up the road then slide all the way down again. HA!

So that's it, I'm snowed in, it must be 2" deep, I'm down to my last 12 litres of Peroni.


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1 hour ago, mark powell said:

1" of snow in the South East and it's the apocalypse... 

Yes, I had to laugh at the paper headline this morning: "Chance of Death." Schools are closed, roads are 'carnage'... imagine! A few broken down vehicles is not 'carnage' in my book.

My relatives are in Michigan under eight feet of snow, and are presumably coping well, warm and dealing with their idea of a light snowfall. The kids are all still going to school, too.

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