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Forum Bug!

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Why is it that all posts whether by old or new members have a Newbie Rocket against their name even Pete Lewis? is it a problem with the Forum or my local issue.

Secondly Bernard even tho the current Courier has been uploaded even after Logging in I can't access it. Logging in acknowledges me with a welcome when I click on the Courier it requests me to log in again, again & again. Is it my issue or a website problem?


Peter T

Member 70692

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Looks like we're all got a rocket at the moment. Obviously Jeff Bezos has hacked the site to advertise his space trip. Apart from the posts info for us all, everything else looks ok on my tablet, not checked the main house pc yet...

.... doesn't Kevin work in the rocket industry?

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We applied a security update last night and it's also changed a few other things that will take a little while to change things to look better again.

One of the things it did was to change the rank structure from using the number of posts one made to use a new counter called "points" and you get points for each post as well as for each like that your post attracts.

Unfortunately it didn't copy the existing post count into the points score - I'm working on resolving this, but its very slow and at the moment needs me to manually adjust the points count for each member, and with several thousand members with a post count greater than 1 it will take a while - I'm looking at an automatic way, but I don't want to screw it up.


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  1. I run tssc theme (default)  ( bottom of page)   and   "browse" (top of page  )  and select  the Fluid option 
  2. from the 3 layout  boxes 

to put posts into a time line of replies not in categories  and now  the things putting 1 . 2 .3 on each line 

same on PC and laptop given up with a tablet all on virgin  & wi fi via 5G 

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i click "browse " just under the tssc header   "forums" is automatic    and once browse is selected you can click the 3 boxes to change the display i use fluid

no idea what the Themes do ive tried all 3 and get the same , this is a drop down at the bottom of the page under the FB and Twitter symbols 

but the daft controls are as shown as giant headings  and topics are in boxes of script , not just a title and name with timeline  Grrr 



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